NPA links you and your company to fellow members -- colleagues who have experienced every problem and issue in the industry. And NPA has a catalog of industry experience you can draw upon in tackling challenges. There’s no reason to guess when you have the NPA behind you.

Your NPA Can Help You With:



The NPA has conducted a comprehensive insurance survey covering all forms of insurance production companies purchase – E&O, workers’ compensation, health, liability, comprehensive. The association uses these data in aggregate form to secure fair coverage rates from insurers. As an NPA member, you get the benefit of any joint coverage benefits the association obtains, and the invaluable insights of your fellow members.

Employee Relations

Know and follow applicable laws. Offer fair, reasonable employee benefits. Understand what nurtures a productive work force. These are the practices the NPA expects its members to follow, and encourages through sharing information and expertise among members. It’s a community of successful employers who have built an industry that ishere to stay. As an NPA member you have access to the association’s experts and the accumulated experience of thirty-eight member companies. There is no price tag on knowledge.

Contract Negotiations

NPA members produce nearly 4000 hours of network programming a year. That’s a lot of contracts. The NPA works with networks and producers to improve the development, contracting and production process so that those thousands of hours are made more efficiently and money is put on the screen, where it belongs. Tax credits? Production fees? Allowable costs? Deliverables? There’s no contract question our members haven’t tackled. When you join, you get the benefit of that accumulated wisdom.

Legal Issues

The NPA has an experienced law firm on retainer and also accumulates the varied legal experiences of its membership. Whether it's labor, contract, copyright or intellectual property law, the NPA can put you in touch with the right legal resources for you.

Industry Data and Trends

Here is a link to the NPA’s latest industry survey results. As the voice and face of the bulk of a $3.9 billion industry, the NPA keeps track of member and industry trends, including the business of network TV, the US production business, and global media trends. NPA staff assemble and distribute to members insights on the industry from leading thinkers, including their own.


With 52 members involved in various distribution deals around the globe, and some members who themselves are distributors, NPA can give you valuable insights on how to get your programming bought and seen worldwide, in all media.

Who We Are and What We Can Do:


John Ford, General Manager

John has expertise in network and other contract negotiations, gathers and disseminates insurance data; stays on top of industry trends; monitors and connects with distributors; can connect you with our legal counsel; and keeps track of best employee relations practices among NPA members. If he doesn't know the answer to your question, he knows how to get it.


Michelle M. Van Kempen, Head of Policy and Development

After 20 years running a production business, Michelle has extensive experience in network, talent and other contract negotiations; in putting together sponsorship and branding deals with advertisers; and in all aspects of production operations. She has also started up an online content business and a non-profit organization to apply production resources to benefit social justice programs. So no matter what the issue or aspect of our industry, Michelle can provide the information or contact that will help.


Katy can help with general inquires concerning the NPA and directing you to someone that can best be of service. 

Leslie Oren, Public Relations

Leslie has deep expertise in publicity and corporate communications, and spearheads public relations for the NPA – from press communications on NPA initiatives and membership to creating messaging for all relevant issues and handling crisis management. Leslie is also available to NPA member companies that want to assess their own PR presence and industry momentum, and provides relevant counsel.

J. Patrick Butler, Legal Counsel

Much of Patrick's time over the past several years has been devoted to helping non-fiction television production companies across the country navigate the ever-changing labor and employment landscape.  He has represented the NPA since its inception and regularly advises NPA member organizations on labor and employment matters of individual and industry concern.