NPA Breakfast with Marissa Ronca, truTV

September 28, 2016

New York, NY

TruTV exec Marissa Ronca headlined a spirited NPA gathering in New York Wednesday morning. Ronca, the EVP of Programming for the comedy-oriented channel, outlined her strategy and punctuated it with several funny examples. TruTV is seeking show ideas built around charismatic funny people with a distinct point of view, all to fill her need for 200 new hours a year. She also emphasized her producer-friendly approach to development and production (reinforced by her producer-husband's occasional friendly "reminders" from the field).

Patrick Butler updated the group on two changes in labor law interpretation.

Breakfast Sponsor Indiepay's Paul Cosentino related the story behind their unique payroll approach, prompting one member to exclaim, "that's the best payroll story I've ever heard."

This event was generously sponsored by Indiepay