TV Producers: Strength in Numbers

June 6, 2016  

Lynn Leahey |  Article Source

Two years after the formation of the Non-Fiction Producers Association, longtime media exec and general manager of the NPA John Ford talks about the state of the industry for producers in an increasingly OTT world.

Cynopsis: Why was the NPA created?

John Ford: The NPA – which is the first professional body representing the non-fiction content production business in the US – was created first and foremost to offer a platform for producers to exchange ideas, and to discuss and resolve issues that affect them, as well as buyers. Our goals also are to compile and distribute accurate information related to our business, and to define and promote best practices across the industry. We’re coming up on two years and now represent 39 major production companies.

 Cynopsis: What are the most surprising things you learned as GM?

Ford: Considering this is a group of highly competitive creative entrepreneurs, I’ve been surprised at how willing they are to share useful information with the whole group. When you think about it, that makes sense and it’s part of what’s driven our success; still, it was surprising to me at first. I’ve also been surprised at how active some of our members are in helping each other and the industry – there is real statesmanship in this group.

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