Started in August 2014 by eight companies, the NPA has grown to fifty-two members in the United States and Canada. Among them are some of non-fiction’s most prominent, award-winning, audience-pleasing producers, responsible for many of its longest-running series.

Their association works for them and an industry that produces $3.9 billion annually and provides tens of thousands of high-paying jobs.

Most of their clients are America’s cable and broadcast TV networks, although NPA producers also make programming for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube and a host of emerging digital outlets.

We Can Help You With:


The NPA has conducted a comprehensive insurance survey covering
all forms of insurance production companies purchase –
E&O, workers’ compensation, health, liability, comprehensive.
The association uses these data in aggregate form to secure fair coverage
rates from insurers. As an NPA member, you get the
benefit of any joint coverage benefits the association obtains, and
the invaluable insights of your fellow members.

         Legal Issues

Know and follow applicable laws. Offer fair, reasonable employee
benefits. Understand what nurtures a productive work force. These are
the practices the NPA expects its members to follow, and encourages
through sharing information and expertise among members. It’s a
community of successful employers who have built an industry that is
here to stay. As an NPA member you have access to the association’s
experts and the accumulated experience of thirty-eight member
companies. There is no price tag on knowledge.

    Industry Data and                  Trends

Here is a link to the NPA’s latest industry survey results.
As the voice and face of the bulk of a $3.9 billion industry, the NPA
keeps track of member and industry trends, including the business of
network TV, the US production business, and global media trends.
NPA staff assemble and distribute to members insights on the industry
from leading thinkers, including their own.

          Contract                      Negotiations

NPA members produce nearly 4000 hours of network programming a year.
That’s a lot of contracts. The NPA works with networks and producers
to improve the development, contracting and production process so
that those thousands of hours are made more efficiently and money is put
on the screen, where it belongs.

Tax credits? Production fees? Allowable costs? Deliverables? There’s
no contract question our members haven’t tackled. When you join,
you get the benefit of that accumulated wisdom.


With 38 members involved in various distribution deals around the
globe, and some members who themselves are distributors, NPA can give
you valuable insights on how to get your programming bought and seen
worldwide, in all media.